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9 Dragon Designs For You To Choose From

Dragon designs are very erotic designs for you to get as a girl, lady or woman. They always stand out so gorgeously and uniquely and are very beautiful when they are pierced on a large surface such as the back, stomach, hip, butt or leg.A dragon tattoo has a variety of designs that you can choose from depending on how you want the look to be;

#1. Red and Black Chinese Dragon Tattoos

This is a dragon tattoo that is composed of two colors red and black as its name goes.It stands out so beautifully and stunningly most especially when drawn on a large surface. Women like on the butt or thigh part to bring out an erotic view of the design.

#2.Dragon Tattoo Designs with Flowers

Dragon tattoos are loved with girls when they are incorporated with other girlish staff like flowers or heart shapes.Many girls find the designs more stunning and girlish hen they have both the two features in them unlike only having the dragon design.

#3.Small Sized Dragon Tattoos

Most women who do love tattoos prefer having small sized tattoos of dragon in either suitable parts of their bodies.This is because they love it that way and find it rather fascinating and lovely enough even when the size is small.

#4. Beautiful Celtic Dragon Tattoo Design

A very popular design for women and is especially drawn on the back.Stands out so gorgeously and one can either have it in black color paint or any color they so wish to have.

#5. Full Sleeve Dragon Tattoo With Guitar

This is a one in a billion fascinating tattoo loved most especially by rock girls.So gorgeous and stand out in a captivating way in whichever position you have them on.A very creative art with a dragon incorporated touch that makes it absolutely splendid.

#6.Shoulder To Arm Dragon Tattoo Designs

A lovely tattoo design for you to have as a lady.Stands out so gorgeously.You can decide to have it colorful or just a single plain color it will still stand out.Very ideal if you love the tattoo design conspicuous.

#7.Cleavage Dragon Tattoos

A very erotic position that women love to have the dragon tattoo on.In a variety of designs though that stand out.Either small or large in size it will still come out in a very glamorous manner.An kinda trend that many girls and women are not that into reasons best known to them.

#8. Lizard Dragon Tattoo on Arm

This dragon look is a very gorgeous one most especially on the arm as it stands out so adorably no matter the size.Very classy and sassy you will love the look and it will completely make you glow as it is visible in almost all sleeveless outfits your wear.

#9.Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo Design

A tantalizing tribal tattoo design for you to choose from.In a variety of designs for you to choose from and you will in deed love how they look. So lovely and enticingly beautiful for you to have at whichever body part you so wish to.

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