25 ‘Brielle’ Minimalist Earrings You Should Get

Brielle’ Minimalist Earrings is just what you need as a study earring lover. Available in black, gold and silver and in a variety of patterns for you to choose from at only a price $18.99 per pair Here are some of the gorgeous patterns you will love;

#1.Cross Earrings

A stunning earring set made in a cross shape that you can wear when going out and probably all day long as well.

#2. Airplane Designed Earrings

Another stunning and cute earring design in black assuming an airplane shape that you could love and want to try out.

#3. Guitar Designed Earrings

Stunning and attractive set of earrings that you can try out as a music instrument lover. Very ideal and they will stand perfectly on your ears even in their black and silver color.

#4. Bar Designed Earrings

Very simple yet captivating earrings designs that you should probably get. You will look dope and stand out in as well.

#6. Star Designed Earrings

Gorgeous and incredible silver colored star earrings that you will look so good in all say long as well. The design stands out perfectly and is unique as well.

#7. V Shape Designed Earrings

Super hot earring designs that you can get for yourself. V shaped earrings that are silver colored and made of stainless steel that you will probably rock in.

#8. Thunder Designed Earrings

A unique set of earrings designed in a shape of thunder that you will look absolutely dashing on when you buy them.

#9. Dragonfly Designed Earrings

Very creative in deed. Attractive and classy earring design in gold color and assume the shape of a dragonfly.

#10. Stethoscope Designed Earrings

Very ideal for you to try out as a science lover or rather someone in love with medical related staff. A unique look that you will probably love to try out. Available in gold color.

#11. World Map Designed Earrings

A very creative and splendid set of minimalist earrings showing the entire globes image.

#12. Moon Designed Earrings

A lovely and attractive gold colored moon designed minimalist earring to rock in.

#13. Planet Spacecraft Designed Earrings

A super dope minimalist earring set that is composed of a planet spacecraft.

#14. Puzzle Designed Earrings

A comfortable and unique set of earrings that you can get yourself. Stands out perfectly when worn most especially when going to casual set ups.

#15. Dragon Designed Earrings

Get yourself one of these dashing dragon designed earrings for you to look all lovely and dope all day long.

#16. Skull Designed Earrings

Quite a scary set of earrings for you to get for yourself. They stand out gorgeously and you will love your glow in these skull designed earrings.

#17. Eye Designed Earrings

Exactly in the shape of an eye. Very beautiful and an incredible minimalist earring look for you to try out.

#18. Ghost Designed Earrings

Dashing and super cute earring designs in ghost shapes for you to wear in your earrings. Very creatively done and you will love your glow on them most absolutely.

#19. Wave Designed Earrings

A set of beautiful and unique designed minimalist earnings that assume a wave design.

#20. 3 Star Designed Earrings

Look dashing in these 3 star designed minimalist earrings all day long that are silver colored.

#21. Mouse Cat Designed Earrings

A stunning and attractive cat and mouse earring set that looks quite charming for you to choose from as a pet lover.

#22. Flower Designed Earrings

A nice earring design for you to choose from as a flower lover. Very beautiful and stands out absolutely perfectly when worn with a variety of outfits.

#23. Pineapple Designed Earrings

Super cute and attractive pineapple shaped minimalist earrings that you can get yourself or gift a loved one as well.

#24. Game Controller Designed Earrings

Super cute minimalist earring designs that you will love to rock in absolutely. In game controlling pads for you to choose which you prefer.

#25. Cross Tire Designed Earrings

A gorgeous minimalist earring in black color that entails a cross surrounded by a tire that you can get for yourself.

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