17 Cute Study Earrings Of Metal Color You Should Buy

Get yourself one of these ‘Liliana’ Earrings that go for a price of $19.99 per pair. Available in silver, gold, rose gold and black colors. They are stainless steel study earrings that will stand out completely on you. Take a look at some of them;

#1. Mickey Mouse Earrings

Black colored mickey mouse designed earrings that you will look gorgeous on. Very ideal for kids you can buy your kid one of these and they will for sure glow in them.

#2. Moon Earrings

Super cute and dope moon shaped earrings in black color that you will stand out in all day long. Very stylish and you can wear to whichever occasion you wish too and you will still be comfortable.

#3. Heart Earrings

Beautiful and captivating black heart shaped earrings that definitely looks perfect on your ear lobe as an earring. Very gorgeous and an ideal stun for you to get yourself.

#4. Bicycle Earrings

Unique and eye catching set of study earrings for you to buy. Very beautiful and a design that you will definitely stand out on all day long.

#5. 3 Star Earrings

A lovely and gorgeous set of earrings for you to have. Very stunning and the design stands out perfectly on your ears. Three stars attached together as one with a black color.

#6. Button Earrings

Very ideal for someone who wants to glow and still be comfortable enough in the earring sets. A lovely circle button designed study earrings that is colored black for you to try out.

#7. Star Earrings

A lovely and popular earring design that is black in color for you to look gorgeous in. Very beautiful and you will probably love your glow in them.

#8. Tree Earrings

An incredible study earring design for you to get yourself. First it is black in color and the tree looks gives it a unique touch.

#9. Tooth Earrings

Tooth shaped black colored study earrings got you looking dashing in these earring designs.

#10. Heartbeat Earrings

Supper attractive and captivating heart beat shaped earring design that you can try out as well. In black color.

#11. Cross Earrings

A quite popular earring design that is so beautiful and dashing for you to stand out on.

#12. Leaf Earrings

Black colored leaf shaped earrings is what you definitely need to stand out as a leaf lover. Very stylish and glamorous you should try out one of these pairs.

#13. Airplane Earrings

Cute and stylish airplane designed earrings. Very stunning and a glow for you to guarantee yourself all day long.

#14. Star Ring Shaped Earrings

Another lovely and dope earring design that you can get. Very nice and gorgeously designed for you to look on point on them.

#15. Coil Earrings

Very stunning golden earrings that have been shaped into a coil shape for you to buy and try out. A glow you should for sure bet on.

#16. Bar Earrings

Very comfortable and attractive silver colored bar earrings for you to buy and wear when going out.

#17. V Shaped Earrings

Get yourself one of these v shaped earrings that are silver colored and you will look so dashing and captivating in them as an outfit spice all day long.

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