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15 Celtic Tattoo Symbols You Can Definitely try Out

People often do love having tattoo piercing on their bodies. The only issue comes in when you walk with a tattoo which you don’t know the meaning. Having a Celtic tattoo makes it rather easier to identify yourself with a particular tattoo design. This is because they all represent specific things making them look so interesting. Below are a variety of Celtic symbols you can have a tattoo piercing on;

#1. Symbol for Strength

A very beautiful sign to have on your wrist , neck or any other part of your body.Can be incorporated with other designs too.A tattoo sign signifying a symbol sign is just so powerful to get it drawn even among your other tattoos.

#2. Tree Of Life

A petite tattoo design to have on your body.Stands out so uniquely and beautiful all the same.You can have it either painted or in black as in the photo.

#3. Dragon

There are a variety of dragon Celtic tattoos to have. This is just but one of it.A very outstanding and gorgeous tattoo to have on your body.Knowing the meaning of each before having it is a better idea

#4. The Awen of the Three Rays of Light

This how it looks like. You can have it on either part of your body part that you so wish.Stands out perfectly when drawn too.

#5.The Green Man

A very enticing back ground to the origin of this celtic symbol. Very outstanding and beautiful wherever drawn.

#6.Dog Symbol

There are a lot of celtic dog symbols though you can decide to have one of your dog pet back at home.So stunning and adorable.

#7. Ravens and other birds

Isn’t it appealing! A variety of birds to choose from and get their piercing on.So lovely and adorable a perfect tattoo design for you to have though ensure you know its meaning too.

#8.The Harp

Very simple and stunning. With way lot of different designs to choose from based on your wish.

#9. The Shamrock

Popularly used as a sign by a lot of weed smokers, some have it for beauty though. In a variety of designs you can definitely try out and love.

#10. Horses Symbol

In lots of different design for you to choose from and with meanings behind the symbols. Get one you are comfortable with totally.

#11. The Triquetra or the Trinity Knot 

The trinity knot. Get to also know who is involved in the trinity knot and how it came up. With a variety of designs to choose from based on your preference.Can also be drawn on any part of the body.

#12. Lion Flowers

A very classy and unique design. Stands out perfectly.With a meaning you should get to know too before having it on.

#13. Bear and bear claw

So tiny but can be drawn as large as you want it to be. Also has a variety of designs to choose from.A stunning tattoo for you to have.

#14.The Celtic Cross

The celtic cross has a variety of designs to have on as a tattoo incorporated with very deep meanings.Ensure you know the various meanings of each celtic cross before having the drawings.

#15. Eagle Symbol

Stunningly beautiful and outstanding with a meaning you can find out more about.Very beautiful and stands out perfectly ll the same.

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