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13 Unique Gifts for Star Wars Fans under 50 bucks

We all have Stars Wars around or maybe we are fans of the Star Wars movies ourselves. Therefore, these gifts will be quite relatable to us or our closest friends and family. We decided to curate for you some of the best Start Wars gifts for the diehard fans. By going through our collection list, you will definitely find a great gift idea for you or your fellow geeks.

#1. Death Star Shift Knob

Most car enthusiasts usually drive manual transmission cars or as popularly referred to as “stick shift”. If your ride has a manual transmission as well and you have stock shift knob on, what are you doing with your life? You should definitely change into this incredible Death star shift knob. It feels just great to not only have control of your car, but just like in the Stars Wars, there is something so incredible about holding a world of destruction in your hands as  a shift through your gears, this is exactly what the Death Star Shift knob would do.

#2. Star Wars Lightsaber Electric Salt and Pepper Set

You can also season your meals just the way a Jedi or a Sith does. With lightsabers that dispense salt and pepper. These lightsabers will make your meals taste better and add some geek chic to your dinner table.

#3. A Star Wars Rolling pin that makes Star Wars imprinted cookies.

If you’ve heard of killing two birds with one stone, this is it guys! A combination of two of my favorite things, cookies and Star Wars. Ideally, at some point you would want to eat cookies while watching Star wars. This rolling pin will not only make it happen but help you make some themed cookies for the occasion.

Star Wars Death Star Toaster – Toasts a Tie Fighter Onto Each slice of Bread

This fully armored battle station is ready to destroy breakfast. It is a star wars Death Star toaster that puts a TIE fighter on your toast. It is part of a fully balanced imperial breakfast. This is a gift that star wars fans will love.

#4. Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press

R2-D2 serving up some fresh coffee? Sign me up for that. This R2-D2 coffee press is the best kitchen accessory ever. This R2 unit will be your new best friend. Especially in the mornings. Thanks R2.

#5. Death Star Serving Tray and Knife Set

Serve your cheese and appetizers with pure geekiness in mind with this unique cheese tray that looks just like the Death Star. Inside is a knife and other tools that’ll help you with your party hosting duties!

#6. Fallen Star Wars AT-AT Tape Dispenser

As far as tape dispensers go, you can’t beat using a fallen AT-AT. Hey, they may as well be useful after a snowspeeder trips them up and takes them down. This is the perfect office gift for fans of the Star Wars saga.

#7. Chewbacca Bandolier Seat Belt Cover

This Chewbacca seat belt cover is made to look just like his bandolier, with his fluffy fur and all. The belt cover makes wearing a seat belt much more comfy while you’re smothered by soft faux Chewbacca fur. You won’t feel choked anymore while breaking hard or driving on those bumpy roads or when going offroad.

#8. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Heat Changing Coffee Mug

This unique and geeky coffee mug makes it look like you’re riding in the Millennium Falcon with Hans Solo and Chewbacca. Your coffee experience will not be the same with this incredible coffee mug.

#9. Star Wars Themed Exercise Equipment

If you’re still working out with standard exercise equipment that isn’t themed in one way or another, it’s just probably not going to work out. LOL! These Star Wars themed exercise equipment, will most certainly give you the force you need to get the job done, and then some. They’ll help motivate you to exercise, no matter what side you’re on.

#10. Star Wars Death Star Waffle Iron

Much like how the Darth Vader oven mitt could be used to lure hungry Jedi’s over to the dark side by cooking them yummy chocolate chip cookies, this Death Star waffle iron could be used to do the same thing using delicious Death Star shaped waffles.

#11. Yoda Bookend Holds Leaning Books Up With The Force

While you have probably seen a wide range of book holders out there, it is obvious that they won’t be as intriguing to you as a Star Wars themed book holder would. For that reason, we are sure you will definitely love this awesome Yoda bookend which makes it seem like Yoda is holding up your leaning books with the supernatural forces.

#12. Yoda Piggy-Back Backpack

If you want to be a Jedi, you need some training first. You can’t just show up on day one and win lightsaber fights while using the force to throw stuff around the room. And the best trainer around is Yoda. Seek him out on Dagobah. If you can’t find him there, just get this cool Yoda backpack. That way he can be on your back, training you as you run around passing your tests.

#13. Chewbacca Mask Makes Chewbacca Sounds When You Move Your Mouth

Have you seen the lady with extreme excitement over a Chebacca mask that she had bought herself which makes Chewbacca sounds when you move your mouth? If not, here is the link to the video. From the video, you can see how excited she is and I definitely understand her excitement because this mask is just awesome. The video has gone extremely viral harnessing over 170 million views in a few days and still counting. You definitely need to get yourself this mask too since the concept is just incredible. You could be sharing the same joy as these lady by getting yourself this Chewbacca mask.

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