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12 Gorgeous Butterfly Tattoo Positions You Will Indeed Love

Butterfly tattoos often stand out and make your body look so appealing and beautiful.They can be drawn on whichever part suitable and are normally loved because of their cute show and colorfulness. Most people prefer having this butterfly designs as it a fantastic and simple tattoo piercing to have either temporarily or permanently;

#1.Hand Tattoo Butterfly Style

A quite attractive look to give yourself. So fantastic and the design makes it even more appealing.Perfect color choice though you can also have your own color choice if so wished.

#2.Back Half Flower Half Butterfly Tattoo

A very fantastic tattoo for you to have.You can have it on any body part so wished too but the sizes makes it more convenient on the back. Appealing and stands out spectacular no matter the design chosen.

#3. Neck Butterfly Tattoo

Looks gorgeous and it in deed stands out in black . Very stunning a noticeable due to its visible body position. Gives you a splendid look all together.

#4.Finger Butterfly Tattoo

So simple because of its size. Looks so charming and can make you glued to it an entire day after having it on.Very lavish and one can decide to either have it on one finger or all the fingers.

#5. Lower Arm Tattoo

A very beautiful spot to have your butterfly tattoo on.You can either decide on a big size or small size due to the availability of a wider surface as well as if you want it colored or just black.

#6. Side Tummy Butterfly Tattoo

A legit look more so to crop top lovers.In a number of designs for you to choose from also.Stands out perfectly enough. So legit and loved by many people as it can also be hidden.

#7. Shoulder Butterfly Tattoos

A fantastic look to give your neck.Stands out so well. You can decide to have as many as you want but i think one or two looks classic when done. Very stylish for off shoulder top lovers.It brings out a stunning view that you will in deed love.

#8. Hip Butterfly Tattoos

Looks very sexy.Some prefer to have their whole hip tattooed while some just love it simple.You can have either a colored or a black butterfly tattoo depending on your liking .

#9.Upper Arm Butterfly Tattoo

This butterfly tattoo position is just a check position for you to choose on.This is because you can control its ability to be noticed and in the same time when exposed stands out very spectacularly.

#10. Leg Butterfly Tattoo

A fantastic gorgeous touch to give your leg. Stands out so beautifully all over your legs.Though if you don’t want it that conspicuous can have it on you leg surface or a little bit tinny.

#11. Centered Tummy Butterfly Tattoo

So lavish and sexy. Very ideal for crop top lovers. It is so stylish and makes you feel so hot when it gets exposed.You can have it either colored or black. In a variety of sizes to choose from too.

#12. Butt Butterfly Tattoo

A lovely tattoo to get on your butts as it makes it look more appealing if you love the position of the tattoo.

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