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10 Visible Body Parts You Can tattoo Yourself

In love with tattoos but don’t know how to go about it? First identify a fine body part you would like to get the tattoo on. Ensure its well visible and the most suitable place to get your tattoo piercing.Listed are 10 body parts you can consider that will make your tattoo look so appealing for you and others to love;

#1. Hand

Your outer arm is just an incredible part to have on a tattoo design of your choice. Can be seen when you wear sleeveless tops of off shoulders. Very unique and awesome choice to bank on.Very comfortable too to have it at that hand position.


In love with crop tops and backless tops or dresses? Then having this back tattoo is just an ideal body part to tattoo on. It can be hidden when attending to your official duties and when parting exposed based on your preference.


A very beautiful position to have a tattoo design on.A very recognizable spot. Makes you look appealing and attractive even with your all body covered cloth design.

#4. Hip

Very sexy choice of body part to tattoo yourself on. Fit for the mini skirt/ dress lovers or shorts. Gives you the appealing look and a perfect body satisfactory boost.


This leg tattoo will make you in love with sandals and open shoes.Very beautiful part to tattoo if you want to keep the look kinda low key for one or two reasons.


A gorgeous tattoo part loved by many curvaceous women to enhance its appearance. Helps you love yourself and feel very comfortable wearing cleavage cloth designs.Very ideal choice for you to enhance your drip with.

#7. Belly

Your belly is another beautiful spot to have a tattoo on. You can choose either sides of it. A perfect undercover position to keep your tattoo on thus can only be noticed when you feel need for its exposure or during recreational activities such as swimming. Crop tops bring it the tattoo piercing out very perfectly.

#8. Face

Unique and beautiful position to tattoo yourself on.On the side next to the ear looks just perfect.Very visible and attractive to people. Makes you a center of attraction to different people depending on different reason. Daring though glamours if perfectly done.

#9. Shoulder

Legit position to have a tattoo on. A very convenient place to place it because you can either decide to show it off or keep it low key.Give it a try and you will for sure feel beautiful. It will enhance your stunning look with off shoulder designed clothes.


Butt tattoo feels just right for you to ensure you maintain a sexy look during swimming and beach parties. Makes you attractive and look kinda classy with a admirable sense of style that other girls would want to copy from you. Also so applicable when you want to keep it low key for only you and close friends to know about.

Tattoos is just the next flamboyant step you need to take your elegance to the next level!

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