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10 Celebrities With Cute and Fascinating Tattoo Designs

Tattoo piercing is an in trend fashion that is mainly believed to be manlike which ain’t the case.Tattoos do stand out perfectly of the designated female body parts.So ideal and classic trend that is even embraced by some dashing celebrities you know;

#1.Evan Rachel Wood Tattoo Placements

A very encouraging and petite word tattoo on Evan’s back.Very elaborate and simple with a dashing view all together.She has gone a head to be fond of wearing off shoulder outfits which exposes her design in a more elaborate manner making her look so adorable and splendidly attractive.

#2. Leighton Meester Flower Tattoo

Leighton looks so gorgeous in her simple and stunning wrist flower tattoo.Not exaggerated it looks so gorgeous and presentable.Something she is in deed proud of having on her wrist. A lovely design that is womanlike and cute.

#3. Audrina Patridge Tattoo on Neck

Audrina has a lovely neck tattoo and that is quite visibly in a number of outfits that she does wear.Very ideal and gorgeous with a colorful touch to attract as much attention as possible.The look is classic and a perfect place for you to have a tattoo on if you still want it to stand out vividly no matter your outfit choice.

#4. Jessica Alba with her Tattoos

Here is a tantalizing upper arm tattoo on Jesica. So elaborate and the size makes it to be easily seen even from a distance.Very petite and a complete glow that looks perfectly gorgeous when she wears any short sleeved designed outfit.

#4.Tattoos on Megan Fox

Meghan has two word tattoos which is normally exposes a number of times.The words are graphically displayed and stand out so gorgeously .She looks very stunning and alluring and the word tattoos in deed add to her back and side tummy glow.

#6.Trendy Tattoos of Katy Perry

Kate Perry shows off her beautiful and stunning lotus flower tattoo wrist design.Very simple but dashing.A simple tattoo design that definitely stands out despite the size.

#7. Amazing Tattoos on Angelina Jolie

Angelina has over 20 tattoo designs on her body.What a passionate tattoo lover.From her neck, her lower back her arms which you can see among other gorgeous body parts.

#8.EvaLongoria with Different Tattoos

Eva likes her tattoo sizes small but classic.With a lot of designs one on her wrist another one on her upper back among many other gorgeous and splendid tattoo looks she has.Very gorgeous and petite so simple and it still stands out gorgeously.

#9. Hayden Panettiere Tattoos

Hayden loves showing off her side back gorgeous word tattoo.So lovely and gorgeous it stands out so well and you will just live the look on her smooth and beautiful back. The word tattoo stands out so well and adorably.Despite her many alleged spotted tattoo her back tattoo is the most shown of all times.

#10. Miley Cyrus Shows Her Tattoos

Miley as you can see has a number of lovely tattoo designs almost all over her hands and on her side .Very stylish and a classic trend for her which absolutely makes her more stunning and beautiful in a number of outfits.

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