10 Awesome Tattoo Ideas You Can Try As A Christian

Get one of these awesome tattoo ideas that you should try out as a Christian tattoo lover with meanings and you will love how gorgeous you look in either of them as well;

#1. Crown Of Thorns Tattoo

A beautiful and lovely thorn crown that symbolizes the crown that Jesus wore at the cross during his crucifixion that you can have as well. A perfect design that has an additional floral touch to it as well.

#2. Daughter Of The King Tattoo

A very lovely and dashing design for you to have as a female Christian Believer. Identifying yourself as the Daughter of the Most High King and further tattooing it on yourself. Very stunning and you can have it in whichever position you wish to.

#3. Cross Tattoo On The Wrist

A very powerful and popular tattoo design that you can try out. The cross tattoo with a quote incorporation as well as you can have it plain. A super dope Christian Tattoo that weighs a lot of weight.

#4. Bible Verse Tattoo Designs

A dashing way of portraying a verse tattoo. You can either decide on a biblical drawing or symbol and then write the verse as you can see above as well as just write the verse and quote what it says as well.

#5. Subtle Letter J with a Heart Tattoo

As simple as you see it you you achieve these gorgeous Christina tattoo design by tattooing the initial of Jesus Christ name ‘J’ and incorporating it with a love heart to show how you love Jesus or how Jesus love is of great significance to you.

#6. The Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ

A lovely and cute tattoo design that shows the incident on Jesus Christ crucifixion with diagrams of the cross which he was crucified in and position. The floral tattoo design addition makes the tattoo to even look more appealing. Very ideal on the hand as well as other body parts you find more captivating and comfortable.

#7. God Is Greater Than Highs and Lows

A lovely and attractive mountain peak tattoo with some symbols below it which signify that God is always greater and will always be greater that the highs and the lows. A cute and adorable tattoo design that you can try out and you will definitely be contented with.

#8. Faith Love Hope Tattoo Design

A dope and fantastic Christian design that contains three important strongholds you should portray as a Christian. The heart shape represents the love, the cross signifies faith and the anchor signifies the hope. A splendid tattoo design that you will look gorgeous on.

#9. Encouragement Tattoo

A lovely Christian tattoo encouragement design that you can get. Either a one word or a sentence that you will love to look at every time. The one above is on the wrist and is written ‘beloved’ to encourage you you always have God to identify with.

#10. A Jesus Name Tattoo

An awesome and splendid tattoo for you to try out as a Christian. Just by getting the name of Jesus Christ Graffiti on either your wrist as you can see or any other body part you so prefer. Can also be done in other color shades that you prefer so as well.

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